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Whitfield Batson


Whitfield Batson was born in Paddington, West London. His parents moved from Barbados to the United Kingdom in the early 1960’s.
At the age of three he was sent to live with his Mother’s family in Barbados and had no choice but to fall in love with music as he was heavily influence by his Uncles, who owned and operated Reid’s Hi Fi, a popular sound system from the sixties and seventies.

He returned to England as a teenager and thought it fitting to become certified in Audio Engineering and Videography. His love for music drew him into music management when he took on The Undivided Roots Band in 1984. Under Batson’s management, THE UNDIVIDED ROOTS BAND released their first chart topping album “Ultimate Experience” in 1985 and off loaded several hit singles: Party Nite, Rock Dis Ya Music and Nature of Love to name a few.

Their efforts were conclusively recognised by the media and those in the reggae music industry, as a result, in 1988, they were voted for the first time Best Reggae Group at the British Reggae Industry Awards.

As interest in the Band’s live performances continued to grow so did the interest in the Band’s recordings, resulting in a contract singing with Mango/Island Records in 1990.

The band has irrevocably been respected over the years as one of the most talented group of Reggae Musicians and Producers to emerge from the United Kingdom.
Batson also developed a talent for writing and wrote or co-wrote songs for Glen Goldsmith, Slim Batson and The Undivided Roots Band.

In 1990, Whitfield’s keen interest in the music industry was spotted by Carl Palmer who invited him to join Jet Star Phonographic; at that time, the largest UK based company specialising in the distribution of black music throughout Europe.

Whitfield returned to live in Barbados in 1994 and has managed or coordinated projects for local acts like Slam City, Lil Rick, Buggy Nhakente, Red Alarm and Shane Forester. He’s also developed a love for acting and appeared in the 2014 folk musical “How Hard the Times”
After years of working behind the scenes, Batson now finds time to work on his own projects but is always ready to share his experience with others.

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Maxim Brown


Maxim currently resides in Lanzarote, Spain where he performs in top music venues daily.

Having gained a lot of experience, Maxim always had a dream of becoming a recording artist.  He got contract offers from record companies back in the day, but the problem was finding suitable songs for his voice.

One morning he picked up his guitar and started writing a song called, 'I Never Gonna Let You Go' which he followed with a track, 'There's a Change in Me'. And so, Maxim's career as a original Singer / Songwriter began.

Maxim started working with an Italian friend, who is also a Music Producer / Artist, and started recording with the help of his singing partner, Gordon Kok.  Maxim wanted his songs to have a certain World Music Sound so he called in another Producer friend, Elly Jay to help create his debut single, 'There's a Change in Me' which is currently receiving a lot of attention from radio stations across the globe.

 His new release, 'You Belong to Me' is currently playing on radio stations worldwide and was voted No. 1 in the English Top Twenty for five consecutive weeks on Coastal Radio SA (

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Juliette Service

Singer song writer and Actress. I was born in Jamaica and currently living in Germany.

I started singing from the age of Eight years old. with School Festivals and competitions, I started to get more interested in singing when I noticed that I was always coming off the winner in every singing contest that I took part in.

It was through this that I got the name. Golden Voice...I collaborated with Joseph Cotton ..Ras Monsen. Ras Donavan. Ras Assa. Black Kappa. Winston Reedy.

I back vocals for Celine Dion. Christian Wunderlich.. an audience over 22000 first released album was 1996 called Berlin Wall.

I started acting in 2002. as i took a break in singing. I started singing again in 2014 where i worked on my 2nd album and was released in 2016 called The Tree Eyes. Then the EP UPPERDOOR was released in 2017.

I did a song with Winston Ready called in paradise, which was released in 2017.

I did another song called Right Step with Joseph Cotton

I'm now working on 2 new albums for a London record label. which will be out august/September 2018.

I am performing all around Germany on DTown Sting. Reggae concerts .2017.2018 concerts. Weddings African festival in Nurnberg. Benefits and charity concerts.

I also do dubplates and jingles .my next concert is the first time in Germany Women Power Day.12th May. 2018.August in Toronto Canada....I'll keep you up to date on further progress....

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Mark Wayne

I started out 15 years ago here in Spain doing tributes to The Four Tops and the Drifters after being a teacher for 10 years back home in South Africa .Here in Spain I was part of a 4 piece Tribute Band called TWO OCEANS and we took over the Hotel scene like a wild African bush fire. We gigged together for almost 12 years around Spain and Spanish territories as well as traveling to Scandinavia and performing on the Ferry Cruise liners in the winter.

After that I decided it was time to go on my own and I started to do a Tribute to Seal that also was really successful .I just got back from Lanzarote and Fuerteventura where I started my new production of Soul and Motown classic hits. The people took to the new show very well. Now I am in Catalunya where I will be gigging for the summer and the shows are booked full almost the whole summer.

June last year i released my first single called Dark Knight. We were so excited to work on this production, me as singer and song writer and one of my old art students Charlton Breimasjien Davids composing the music. We are busy working on two more productions, a Ballad called YOU that is almost done and another production a bit jazzier, this one is for more to the end of the year.

I am turning 46 years this year and very optimistic to big things to come. I hope everyone enjoy my music and I hope it warms you all by just listening to it.
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