Juliette Service

Singer song writer and Actress. I was born in Jamaica and currently living in Germany.

I started singing from the age of Eight years old. with School Festivals and competitions, I started to get more interested in singing when I noticed that I was always coming off the winner in every singing contest that I took part in.

It was through this that I got the name. Golden Voice...I collaborated with Joseph Cotton ..Ras Monsen. Ras Donavan. Ras Assa. Black Kappa. Winston Reedy.

I back vocals for Celine Dion. Christian Wunderlich.. an audience over 22000 people.my first released album was 1996 called Berlin Wall.

I started acting in 2002. as i took a break in singing. I started singing again in 2014 where i worked on my 2nd album and was released in 2016 called The Tree Eyes. Then the EP UPPERDOOR was released in 2017.

I did a song with Winston Ready called in paradise, which was released in 2017.

I did another song called Right Step with Joseph Cotton

I'm now working on 2 new albums for a London record label. which will be out august/September 2018.

I am performing all around Germany on DTown Sting. Reggae concerts .2017.2018 concerts. Weddings African festival in Nurnberg. Benefits and charity concerts.

I also do dubplates and jingles .my next concert is the first time in Germany Women Power Day.12th May. 2018.August in Toronto Canada....I'll keep you up to date on further progress....

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