Maxim currently resides in Lanzarote, Spain where he performs in top music venues daily.

Having gained a lot of experience, Maxim always had a dream of becoming a recording artist.  He got contract offers from record companies back in the day, but the problem was finding suitable songs for his voice.

One morning he picked up his guitar and started writing a song called, 'I Never Gonna Let You Go' which he followed with a track, 'There's a Change in Me'. And so, Maxim's career as a original Singer / Songwriter began.

Maxim started working with an Italian friend, who is also a Music Producer / Artist, and started recording with the help of his singing partner, Gordon Kok.  Maxim wanted his songs to have a certain World Music Sound so he called in another Producer friend, Elly Jay to help create his debut single, 'There's a Change in Me' which is currently receiving a lot of attention from radio stations across the globe.

 His new release, 'You Belong to Me' is currently playing on radio stations worldwide and was voted No. 1 in the English Top Twenty for five consecutive weeks on Coastal Radio SA (

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